Skyy Vodka

750ml Bottle

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    Campari Group
    40% Alcohol
    San Francisco, California
    United States
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Skyy Blue Vodka has been around since 1992, during which time the brand set the distillation and filtration standards. It was born in California with the belief that everything can be made better. Its history is simple enough: The founder wanted a better-tasting martini, which naturally meant starting with a better vodka. Thanks to Skyy's process, the brand has eliminated most of the vodka's impurities for an award-winning flavor that's remained unchanged for more than 20 years.

    Created by an inventor looking to offer the world the smoothest vodka, Skyy revolutionized the spirits industry with its proprietary quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process that yields a vodka of proven exceptional quality and smoothness. Distilled in America with grain from the Midwest and 100% pure filtered water, Skyy Vodka is the leading domestic super-premium vodka in the US and the fifth-biggest premium vodka worldwide.

    Skyy consistently delivers exceptional quality and taste. Starting with Skyy Vodka's distinctive cobalt blue bottle and award-winning marketing communications, Skyy is synonymous with quality, sophistication, and style. The body is medium, the palate clean with some slightly nutty flavors peeking through. This all-American vodka has been made from heartland grains filtered through California limestone. It offers notes of coriander and anise with a subtle peppery finish.

    Skyy Blue Vodka has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It boasts an unbeatable smoothness with a medium body and dry, creamy mouthfeel that's perfect for sipping or mixing. It is best to appreciate neat or in martinis. No matter your event demands, it steps up to the plate to deliver memorable cocktails everyone will love. Enjoy!